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About South Texas Water Solutions

South Texas Water Solutions have been in the business of installing water filtration and treatment systems for the last 11 years. Our company was founded in 2010 with a motive to help our customers drink delicious water. We are aware of the water condition in our local area and the problems that are caused by drinking and using this hard water in homes. That’s why we have become part of solutions and provide our customers with a custom-built water purification and treatment system. All of our systems are built with USA-made components and can fit any spending plan. Our water softener systems are NSF certified and come with a lifetime warranty on all of their components. If you want to enjoy a superior taste of water and save money on the installation of a water treatment system, you would call us at 210-232-6767.

Our Mission

To provide water filtration solutions by installing custom-built systems that fall within every client's budget.

Our Vision

We want to enjoy the feeling of helping every family in South Texas, drink delicious water and save money.

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Our NSF-certified water softener system can help you save energy and maintenance costs on your water-related appliances. Our water softener system follows a comprehensive regeneration process to remove the minerals from the water.
We install a whole home water filter system at your water shut-off valve to make it act like a point-of-entry system. They can efficiently filter sediments and contaminants with the help of carbon filters, UV lights, and acid neutralizers.
Our professionals locally manufacture our four-stage custom-build RO system, using NSF certified and made in USA components. Our system comes with high-quality ultrafine RO membranes and activated carbon filters for polishing.
UV light bacteria filtration systems that can take care of all types of waterborne pathogens. Our systems have the ability to kill 99% of the illness-causing microbes without adding anything to drinking water.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We need to change Sediment Filter and Carbon Filter once a year, your RO membrane can last for a minimum of 2 years. After two years, you will need to change your RO membranes.
Yes, UV light bacteria filtration system can effectively kill bacteria.
After every 12 months, your system will need UV light bulb replacement to keep itself killing bacteria.
The frequency to recharge your water softening system can vary with respect to your tank’s area and size.
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Experts In System Designing

As we know the need for water for local commercial, industrial and residential sectors, we are experts in designing and implementing water treatment and purification systems.

Knowledgeable in Process Applications

We have professionals that are specialized in installing and repairing a variety of water filtration systems, which gives us an edge. We can handle servicing and implementation of almost all types of solutions.


5-Micron Polyspun Sediment Filter. Encapsulated 1/4 turn Twist-Off Cartridge
10 Micron Grunular Activated Carbon Filter. Encapsulated 1/4 turn Twist-Off Cartridge
10 Micron Carbon Block Filter. Encapsulated 1/4 turn Twist-Off Cartridge
Reserve Osmosis Membrane. 50 GPD TFC @ 65 PSI Pressure Differential.
10 Micron Caron Block Post Filter. Encapsulated 1/4 turn Twist-Off Cartridge
4.0 Gallon Plastic Tank(metal tank available). Pre-pressurized with Butyl Bladder. ( 2.5 gal. water capacity when full )
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